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An experienced professional having extensive technical IT, company management and entrepreneurial proven knowledge used to make innovative objective oriented assistance at senior management level both in private and public sector. Having self-motivated multitalented visionary-strategic personality with excellent leadership and communication skills to inspire, build up and guide in a harmony a team of highly skilled individuals. I possess a successful path of accomplishments in delivering cost effective strategic solutions also with a range of international blue chip companies.

Scope of experience


  • Company management: overall strategic building; team leading; organizational and change issues; interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Internationally certificated Management consult: new business strategy, restructuring business processes (BPR), ICT related solutions (disaster recovery, ISO 17799, etc.) and provision of training in the field of familiarity.
  • Internationally certificated Project management: leadership; manage program of projects and multiple concurrent projects; full life cycle of a project (methodology: PMBOK, PRINCE).


  • Private sectors: IT and telecommunications, utilities, transportation and tourism.
  • Public sector: Central government, EU related issues, budgeting/forecasting, preparation of legal acts.

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Key achievements

  • Member of the supervisory board Telekom Slovenia
  • Chairman of ELES supervisory board
  • Head of a central government department, strategic ICT planning, and department budgeting.
  • Co-founder of the company, a shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors responsible for Computer IS Strategy and Management Consulting.
  • Supervised several high profile IS projects through the full lifecycle (e.g.: project milestones; development life cycle; managing the change, budgetary control, planning and implementation activities etc. ) at the organizational level, the optimization of a production, and the introduction of an ICT accounting system.
  • A Senior Management Consulting in the area of Strategic Restructuring of the company processes.

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    Earned BE in Electrical Engineering, GPA of 8 (out of 10) and the Diploma 9 (out of 10) at the Department of Industrial Electronics. The­sis: Microcomputer control for milling machine of the high voltage firmness of isolation for collectors. Worked as teaching assistant.

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Employment record

March 2007 - Present University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Social Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Associate professor and Researcher
  • Leading projects: (Department of Social informatics)
    • Establishment of a knowledge-management system for Slovenian Armed Forces
    • Measuring the research and development potential in the area of ICT in Slovenia
    • TransferEast – Transferring Government to Business IST Good Practices (EU sponsored project)
  • Lecturing: (Deparment of Sociology)
    • Leadership and management (projects, practice,…)
    • E-Government and E-Governance
    • Information data and sources
    • Project management in Information Society (postgraduate)
    • E-Business Management (postgraduate)
    • Monitoring of Information Society (postgraduate)
  • Collaboration in projects:
    • Development of pan-European information society services in Slovenia
    • Slovenian representative at NATO: keynote visioneers, experts in certain broad forecast areas with military implications: TECHNOLOLGY EXPOSURE and ACCELERATION - TECHNICAL ACTIVITY PROPOSAL
  • External evaluator for Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) - the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (DG RTD).

April 2009 - April 2013 Telekom Slovenia d.d., Cigaletova 15, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • member of the supervisory
  • chairing the Committee of the Supervisory Board for Strategy and reorganization
  • member of the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board
  • member of Auditing Committee at Mobitel d.d. (Telekom Slovenia subsidiary until July 2011)

September 2011 – December 2012 ELES, Elektro-Slovenija d.o.o., Hajdrihova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • chairman of the supervisory
  • to supervise the correct functioning of the policies, management and the general affairs of the ELES
  • to assist the Board of Management with advice on general policies related to the activities of the Company and the companies belonging to the ELES

April 2010 - Juny 2010 Xi’an Technological University, 4 North Jinhua road, Xi’an, China

  • Lecturing at Xi’an Technological University, School of Management and Economics and Xi'an Normal University
  • Research:
    • Ideas of Martial Arts doctrines that can be used for Leadership / Management and are based on two fundamental Chinese philosophies Daoism and Confucianism.

September 2008 – February 2010 Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia, Slovenia

  • Head of research group
    • Infrastructure Program Science for Youth. Program represents upholding of the infrastructure support for research activities in the field of popularization and promotion of natural science to young and others.

May 2005 - February 2007 European Commision, DG JRC IPTS, EDIFICIO EXPO, c/Inca Garcilas s/n, Sevilla, Spain

  • Visiting scientist
  • Leading projects in the fields of:
    • eGovernment Successfully led the study project: “Towards the e-Government vision for EU in 2010: research policy challenges”. The project targeted the policy framework and objectives to meeting the vision of a knowledge-based government. The project addressed the European Research Area objectives for achieving scientific excellence in the field of the future e-Government research activities.
    • Observatory for NMS and CC Currently leading a capacity building exercise for Information Society take-up in the EU New Member states and Candidate countries project. The project – called the Observatory, is aiming to build an institution frame for collecting, analyzing and disseminating EU25+ data (e.g. statistical indicators, examples of best practice etc.) relevant to the Information Society .

July 1999 - May 2005 Republic of Slovenia, Government Office for European Affairs, Subiceva 11, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • State under-secretary
    • Head of information system department responsible for managing an ICT team , strategic ICT planning, and department budgeting:
      • leading multi-sector and multi-disciplinary project: Government Information system support for the purpose of Slovenia pre-accession into EU called: information-documentation center (IDC) of Slovenian administration (ministries, offices, parliament, link to the public, NGO’s). IS supports: governmental legislative procedure, translation process, all relevant document and documentation’s database(s), human resources database, course of the negotiation and public awareness support
      • setting up from strategy to implementation GOfEA information system (network, PC, servers, software, security system, disaster recovery system - DRS, ...)
      • consulting on the documents dealing with information technology (IT & telecommunication) in the process of pre-accession strategy
    • taking an active part at: preparation of acts (telecommunications, e-signature, the Access to Information of Public Character, etc.); EU projects (“Factors of regional/national success in Information Society developments: Information Society strategies for candidate countries - European Commission, IPTS, ICT Unit, Spain; Third workshop The Digital Divide: Opportunities and Threats at the Verge of EU Enlargement “, JANUS; cooperation with TAIEX, INTAS etc.)
    • managing strategic planning and implementation of ideas as well as charring international sections at INFOS, TeleINFOS, Hevreka as well on other events
    • visiting teacher (Electro faculty, dept. of telecommunication, Social Science faculty - University of Ljubljana)
    • Management consultancy during the process of preparation of a business plan for a new telecom company for ELES, the Transmission System Operator of Slovenia.
    • Senior consultant for set-up and implementation of the Slovenian ICT Technological Network (Network of ICT). Also referred as “t he network of excellence”, it has established the links between networks and technologies, individuals and organisations, solutions and services, users and skills. The Network’s goal is to bring together the partners from private sector, the universities and the R&D inst itutions.

June 1997 - July 1999 Deloitte & Touché d.o.o., Slovenia

  • Expert for information technology (CIO)
  • Role of a senior consultant who was managing the implementation of information communication system (including the ICT infrastructure, security, business (IT) continuity) for Government Office for European Affairs. The system introduced paperless office which is still operational and utilised on a daily basis by government officials.
  • information system project: information-documentation center (IDC) of Slovenian administration (ministries, offices, parliament, link to the public, NGO’s) for the purpose of Slovenia pre-accession into EU. Information system supports: governmental legislative procedure, translation process, all relevant document and documentation’s database(s), database of necessary human resources, course of the negotiation and public awareness support
  • consulting on the documents dealing with information technology in the process of pre-accession strategy
  • Scheduling the lectures, helping the shape of the conference business plans and thematic ideas as well as, chairing the INFOS Conference (international section) - a yearly event.
  • lecture at the Gea College - Ljubljana

March 1994 - June 1997 SIP&A, Information technology and consulting, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Manager and owner
  • Project leading, consulting and training formanagement, information technology:
  • consulting in the area of Strategic and Restructuring processes in factories dealing with management, and in the area of Information technologies for companies (also through foreign projects with Accenture (on January 1st, 2001 the company changed its name from Andersen Consulting) and A.T.Kearney - 42 companies and PHARE projects)
  • working for the government of Slovenia as a chairman of the strategic project group for the transportation sector and member of team for a document: Plan for Strategic competitiveness improvement of Slovenian industry
  • teaching consulting principles, project and team building, strategy, information technology and Entrepreneurship at GEA College, GEA Academy of Entrepreneurship, SRC and at different companies
  • consulting Strategy, Management and Restructuring in companies
  • consulting in restructuring processes and venture capital investments in companies
  • teaching information strategy and software product for tourism consulting attendants - for Ministry of economic affairs and Chamber of economy
  • consulting and managing the project of setting up the organization and software of Information System in Tourism in Slovenia
  • working for the government of Slovenia in the project for consultancy training (first group at the PHARE program and CEGOS) and other phases of the same project
  • management of project (projects that deal with Information Technology)

April 1988 - March 1994 GRAD d.d., Information Organization Consulting and Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • CIO and co-owner
  • Cofounder of the company and shareholder as well as member of the Board of Directors, my responsibility covered Computer Information System Strategy and Management Consulting. Dealing mainly with:
  • consulting in the area of Management as well as in the area of Information technologies for the companies
  • ISKRA Holding - "New strategy of holding" (64 companies), consultant and manager in the field of computerized data processing at Institute for economical research
  • management of working group (at Ministry for R&D, Bureau for standardization and metrics) for acceptance international and initiation of Slovene standards on the field of ICT
  • management of project (projects that deal with Information Technology, factory plant IS, optimization of production, IS for Tourism etc.)
  • working on PHARE project for the government of Slovenia in the project of restructuring of Slovenian industry (as a local consultant together with A.T. Kearney)
  • consulting and managing the project of setting up the principles of Information System for Tourism in Slovenia

April 1985 - April 1988 Iskra Avtomatika - Research & Development Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Consultant for CAD/CAM
  • My prior task was forming, organizing, then managing and advising a starting strategy of a CAD/CAM department which dealt with price performance calculations, selection of work-stations, application products, network, em­ployment selection as well as the overall im­plementations strategy. I was professionally responsible for HP-Design Center for EE, SW and ME engineering with simulations and supervised a group of SA for operating system and local area network (LAN) connection of workstations and mainframe.

September 1982 - April 1985 Iskra Delta - Computer Systems Production and Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • System Engineer
  • Assisted in initial phases of developing IMC (intelligent microcomputer communicator). Supervised a group for the development of the "event driven operating system for the IMC" according to my principles. Managing and super­vising two projects for implementation of the IMC product for industrial communications systems at electrical power plants. Wrote procedures for a teaching manual on the IMC for users, which were, adopted company - wide as a standard type.

October 1979 - September 1982 Institute Josef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Graduate assistant
  • Assisted in designing hardware and software for automation of industrial systems. Guided under­graduate students.

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Relevant experience

Other social skills

Habilitation: Univ. lecturer for informatics

Technical skills

International certificate for Project Panagement
- (IPMA),
Management Consultant,

Management with active network equipment (Alcatel), Network node management manager (HP OpenView), Knowledge management (SRC international course), Management and teaching entrepreneurialship,
Qualified to use a variety of computer programming languages and tools (Novell, Lotus Notes, UNIX, C, etc.)

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Career Objective

My substantial experience and expertise could prove to be a valuable asset used in senior guide roles of: leadership management or management consulting and project management to the customers in choosing the most suitable business management model for their organization and/or steering the clients how to build the core business with best use of available organizational resources and technology. Therefore, I would like to be in charge of a dynamic work environment something.

Given the right environment, where I am presented with an opportunity to use my self-managed creative powers, strategic thinking, analytical mind, and my ability to inspire, organize and lead, I could see myself working in a harmony within a team of highly skilled individuals aiming towards the common goal and benefiting the company.

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Membership of professional bodies

IEEE, ACM, Association of Slovene Consultants, International Project Management Association - IPMA-Slovenia, media.doc, MANAGER

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(reading, writing, verbal : Excellent, Good, Basic)

English (E,E,E), Spanish (G,B,B), French (G,B,G), Italian (G,B,G), Serbian (G,B,E), Croatian (E,E,E)

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Numerous professional articles have been published and speeches delivered at conferences and seminars around the world, since 1982.

The subjects varied from project management and management consultancy to usage as well as computer science, and its usage in different fields of applications and its economical or social influence

Participating and publishing articles as well as involvement within the field on different media (TV, round table, daily publications, etc.) to overcome gap and digital divide.

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Knowledgeable in the industry sectors (electrical, transportation, metal-processing, information communication technology) and public administration, information technology project(s), tourism, and information telecommunication technology (ICT).


Martial arts, sailing, skiing, tennis, reading (science fiction)

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